Important Tips For Stair Safety In Industries


Creating a safe environment for you and your employees is a very important factor. There is usually so much happening in an industrial set up. Therefore, you need to think about all of the security factors available for the health of the men and women working for you. A normal stairway might appear simple in construction and design. However, it is extremely important to be aware that there’s much more to a safe a properly designed stairway than meets the eye. Staircase mishaps are absolutely rampant and that’s the reason why individuals should always be very careful when using them. Following are a few of the advice for work platform stairs security especially in businesses.

First off, adequate lighting is crucial . The top safety priority is to make the treads more visible through adequate lighting and contrasting nosings because as people descend portable steps, the flow below and the threads are usually in their line of sight but the risers are not. You should therefore ensure that you install the right lighting system which will highlight the stairway and the flooring approaching it on both levels. The other issue would be to be sure that the stairways are lit in any way times they are in use and in addition, back up — electricity is available in case the lights go off to a busy day.

Another stair security tip you need to implement in businesses is appropriate maintenance and use. The majority of the stair injuries are caused by improper maintenance and inattention. The stair treads should always be kept clean and in good shape. You need to ensure that there are no treads missing, no excess wear and tear and also, there should be no loose treads. When the stairs are carpeted, they should always be in good shape and incase there is ant deterioration, it needs to be sorted out with immediate effect. Additionally, stairs aren’t a place to store items. If this happens, employees could encounter and get seriously hurt. If possible, you could hire somebody whose job will be to take care of the stirs and report any damages noticed so that the employees work in a safe environment.

The other safety tip you should implement in your organization is conducting employee safety training sessions so that the employees are also guided on how to keep safe in general and also including stair safety in the topics. You might observe all of the security standards concerning the construction of stairs but if your employees don’t understand how to use the stairs properly, then your hard work could just go to waste. Your employees should always be reminded to listen when using the staircase, utilize well lighted steps ,not to hurry and many more useful tips which can help them do exactly the right thing. Check out this website at for more info about industrial stairs.


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